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Cover Reveal: Escape from the Pipe Men!

Posted by Mary G. Thompson On August - 22 - 2012

9780547859057 web 400x600 Cover Reveal: Escape from the Pipe Men!Hello, Teen Writers Bloc Readers!

I’m so excited to unveil the cover for my second novel, Escape from the Pipe Men! And yes, the exclamation point is part of the title. Take that, exclamation point haters!!!

The book is about a couple of kids who have grown up in an alien zoo and go on an adventure across the universe. Here is the official summary by the nice folks at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt:

Ryan has spent his life as a human exhibit in the Pipe Men’s intergalactic zoo. But when his father is accidentally poisoned in a separate alien exhibit, it is up to Ryan and his sister, Becky, to escape and search the universe for the cure. As they travel across the galaxy, Ryan and Becky are shocked to find out that their benevolent overlords, the Pipe Men, are reviled by scores of alien species plotting to rebel. Caught up in an interstellar revolution, Ryan and Becky must play the diplomats among a spectacular and imaginative cast of aliens, staving off a war they know nothing about, all in the hope of finding the antidote to save their father’s life. In her second novel, Mary G. Thompson brilliantly captures the inception of a revolution by delving into the conflicting motivations of oppressed factions, in this fast-paced adventure sure to delight science fiction fans and mainstream readers alike!

I always knew I had to write a book about aliens and space travel some day. After all, my first love as a reader was science fiction. The first part of the concept was the alien zoo — what better excuse to come up with all sorts of crazy creatures? But the zoo was only the first part. My characters also needed to travel around the universe and discover what there was to see, because that’s exactly what I want to do once someone in the real world finally gets around to inventing faster-than-light travel! I’m so excited that Ryan and Becky are getting the chance to live out my personal fantasy, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Escape from the Pipe Men! will be released on June 11, 2013, and is available now for pre-order!

Oh yeah, and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pixel Cover Reveal: Escape from the Pipe Men!

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  1. Jess Verdi says:

    Love it love it love it!!!!!!!!! (Yay for exclamation points!)

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